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Trivia with Chico! May 6 @ 12:00 p.m.

TA alum Chico Eastridge and the TA library are hosting a virtual “Trivia with Chico” event on May 6th at 12 p.m. You won’t want to miss it! Here’s how it works:

Designate a TEAM LEADER who will be responsible for communicating with Kate & will enter your team’s answers for each round.

The team leader should email [email protected] and list the TEAM NAME and team members. Designate whether you are a student team or a community team (community, alums and faculty teams welcome!)

Kate will reply to the team leader and team members with the Twitch.tv address prior to the event. The team leader will also receive access to a Google Form where they can record their team’s answers.

Before the event, decide on a way for team members to communicate with one another:

  • Set up a shared Google Doc to put answers in and write back and forth. Very effective!
  • Set up a group text on phones to text back and forth about answers.
  • Set up a group in Google Chat, and use ALT + TAB to toggle between Meet session and Google Chat.

How the EVENT Will Run

  • Welcome and Team Introductions
  • Explanation of Format
  • Administering of Oath
  • Round One Questions (plus Bonus)
  • Submission of Answer Sheets for Round One
  • Round Two Questions (plus Bonus)
  • Submission of Answer Sheets for Round Two
  • Answers and standings after Round One
  • Continue through 4 Rounds to Awesome Finish
  • Final Standings

Hope to see you there!



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