Off-Campus Learning

Thetford Academy supports students interested in pursuing off-campus learning opportunities from semester programs to study abroad, from online coursework to dual enrollment options. Academic coursework may be transferred to TA for high school credit with approval from the Counseling Office.

In general, for students taking courses in an approved and accredited summer program, semester program, or year-long program and then returning to Thetford Academy, TA will accept any Carnegie Unit credits earned as elective credit. The Academy reserves the right to determine whether such credits meet departmental graduation requirements and, if the course is part of a sequence, the placement of the student in that course sequence. The Director of Counseling Services will make this determination with input from the departments involved.

Online Courses

If students take online courses through other educational institutions or are pursuing some other form of independent off-campus study and are seeking credit for the course, the students must submit materials outlining the course content, objectives, and assessment procedures prior to beginning the course. The Counseling Office will review those materials to determine whether credit will be awarded.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment enables juniors and seniors who are Vermont residents to access up to two college courses (including online courses) with participating colleges and universities at no charge. Students are responsible for paying for textbooks, lab fees, and other materials and supplies associated with the course. Dual enrollment classes earn elective credits at Thetford Academy and need to be approved before vouchers are issued. Students should see their school counselor for more information.

STEM Internship with Hypertherm and Fujifilm Dimatix

The STEM Internship is available by application process to all Thetford Academy juniors and seniors. This unique and innovative learning experience takes place on both Fujifilm and Hypertherm campuses. Participating students will receive one Math credit, one-half Science credit, and one-half Elective credit. Students gain competency in industry safety standards and an understanding of the skills needed for successful employment. Students acquire hands-on experience in all aspects of business, including history, marketing, assembly, accounting, engineering, and research and development.  Interested students should see their school counselor for more information.

Dartmouth Special Community Student Program

Dartmouth College’s Special Community Student High School Program is open to area high school seniors (during fall, winter, and spring terms) and juniors (during winter and spring terms) who have exhausted all possible classes within their field of interest at their high school. All students are recommended by a high school principal, guidance counselor, or other school official with responsibility for the program at their school one additional science elective; no grade below A-.

Study Abroad

Thetford Academy encourages students to consider study abroad opportunities. This requires that students manage their regular coursework on campus efficiently in order to leave for one or more semesters. While it is often difficult to obtain materials for pre-approval prior to departure, it is helpful to do as much advance planning as possible. Students wishing to pursue study abroad must consult with the Counseling Office.

Upcoming Events

November 2021

Monday November 29

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Tuesday November 30

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December 2021

Wednesday December 1

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Friday December 3

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Winter Dance (MS & HS)
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Saturday December 4

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We set high expectations. we challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.


We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


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