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April 2018 Student of the Month: Ian Spelman

Our April Student of the Month, recognized in assembly on May 16, is an enthusiastic junior whose curiosity and love of learning shines through in all he does.

As a sophomore last year, Ian Spelman embraced the challenge of honors level work in Stacy Barton’s U.S. History course with vigor and a high level of intellectual curiosity. Mrs. Barton noted that when met with setbacks, Ian “showed the maturity and stamina needed to dig in, work hard and accomplish his goals.” In Economics, the most recent course he completed with Mrs. Barton, Ian demonstrated “incredible analytical skills and the ability to synthesize and apply new concepts to complex problems.”

Ms. Silver saw this in Creative Writing, which Ian took the same semester. He astutely identified a connection between what he was learning in Economics and an essay the Creative Writing class read.  

Ian has continued to develop his understanding of economics in World History this semester. Kelly Welsh notes that “as a true scholar, Ian brings immense background knowledge of and interest in economics to his work, and he is producing a final history paper about the Great Depression that is truly remarkable for the ease with which he deals with complex principles of economics.”

Again and again, teachers laud Ian’s strong work ethic and kind nature, including in Painting where he creates artwork that strongly reflects his thoughts and ideas and in Pre-Calculus where he expressed his appreciation for his experience in all he learned.

The dedication Ian exhibits in his courses, while balancing a full course load and a palette of extracurricular activities, demonstrates his capabilities. Congratulations to Ian Spelman, Thetford Academy’s April 2018 Student of the Month.



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