Thetford Academy currently provides bus service or van transportation to and from many of our main sending areas in the Upper Valley.

In areas where bus or van transportation is not currently offered, there may be alternative free transportation options via TriValley Transit. TriValley currently has stops in Sharon, Strafford, and White River Junction, VT that align with the Thetford Academy school day schedule. For students from Hartland, VT, TA is working to reactivate our transportation contract for the 2023-2024 school year.

Each route has a centralized drop-off and pick-up location; see list below for those locations (subject to change). In the town of Thetford, bus service is coordinated with the Thetford Elementary School and runs on three separate routes.

To learn more about TA’s bus service and transportation options, please contact Dean of Students, Siobhan Lopez, or call our front office at 802-785-4805.

Bus Routes and Stops

Thetford Morning Route

Bus #1: Picks up students at Silver Maple Motel, Rte 5 S, North Thetford Rd, Latham Rd, Snowflake Ln, Cadwell Rd, Wings Supermarket, Rte 5 South to Baptist Church, Vaughan Rd, Rabbit Rd, Stevens Rd, Quail John Rd, Stevens Rd, Old Stone Road, Appian Way, and Rte 113.

7:05 Starts at Silver Maple Motel
7:12 Rte 5 S.
7:15 North Thetford Road across from the Post Office
7:25 Rt 5 Right onto Latham Road to 181 Snowflake lane, 181 & next 3 mailboxes on Latham Rd, Cadwell Road, Left onto 113 Box 863, Wings Supermarket, Rt 5 South to Baptist Church, Vaughan Road
7:40 Right onto Rabbit Road, Right to Stevens Road Box 759 & 324 , Left on Quail John Rd
7:45 next left Old Stone Road, Appian Way, Left onto Old Stone Road
7:48 Left onto Godfrey Road 845, 686 & 805 turn around at Deer Run Lane
7:50 Back to Rte 113
7:55 Thetford Academy
8:05 Thetford Elementary School

Bus #2: Picks up students on Sawnee Bean Rd, Barker Rd, West Fairlee Rd, Cross Road, Robinson Hill Road, Lake Shore Drive, Route 244, Cross St., and Thetford Community Center.

6:55 Leaves Thetford Center and goes west on Route 113 to
7:00 Sawnee Bean Road
7:11 Colby N. turn around, left onto Barker Road, left onto Route 113
7:15 Proceeds west on Route 113 to W. Fairlee Road
7:28 Cross Road
7:35 to Robinson Hill 5 Corners Turn around.
7:40 Back to Lakeshore Drive to Rte 244 left to Cross St.
7:45 Left onto West Fairlee Road, then Rte 113 to Thetford Community Building
7:55 Thetford Academy
8:05 Thetford Elementary

Bus #3: Picks up students on Whippoorwill Rd, Miller Pond Rd, Tyson Rd, Mine Rd, Lord Book Rd, Picknell Road, Gove Hill Rd, Upper Bailey Rd, Lower Bailey Rd, and Academy Rd.

7:21 First stop Whippoorwill Road
7:28 4395 Miller Pond Road on the right, then travel to Tyson Road in Strafford, turn onto Mine Road
7:32 172 Mine Road in Strafford
7:35 Lord Book Road on right
7:38 Stop right after Picknell Road
7:40 1957 Gove Hill Road
7:42 End of Upper Bailey Road
7:43 possible stop 2nd house on the left
7:44 End of Lower Bailey Road
7:45 turn RIGHT onto 132
7:48 possible stop end of Lower Cream Street
7:50 house 168 on Academy Road
7:53 stop at covered Bridge, Academy Road
7:54 stop after covered Bridge, Academy Road
7:55 Thetford Academy
8:05 Thetford Elementary School

Afternoon Times:

Thetford Bus #1:
2:45 Leave TES
2:55 Leave TA
3:00 Rte 113
3:02 Godfrey Road, Deer Run Lane
3:05 Old Stone Road, Appian Way
3:10 Rabbit Road, Stevens Road, Quail John Road
3:25 Latham Road, Snowflake Lane, Cadwell Road, Wings Supermarket, Vaughan
3:35 North Thetford Road by post office
3:38 Route 5 South
3:45 Silver Maple Motel

Thetford Bus #2:
2:45 Leave TES
2:55 Leave TA
3:05 Community Building and West Fairlee Road
3:10 Route 244, Cross Street, Lake Shore Drive
3:15 Robinson Hill, 5 Corners
3:22 Cross Road, Rte 113, West Fairlee Road
3:30 Colby N, Barker Road, Sawnee Bean, 113
3:45 Thetford Center

Thetford Bus #3:
2:45 Leave TES
2:55 Leave TA
2:57 Stop by covered bridge Academy Road.
3:00 168 Academy Road
3:02 Lower Cream Street
3:04 Route 132
3:05 Lower Bailey Road
3:07 Upper Bailey Road
3:09 1957 Gove Hill
3:11 Picknell Road
3:14 Lord Brook Road
3:17 Mine Road, Strafford
3:21 Miller Pond Road
3:28 Whippoorwill Road

Corinth/Topsham/Route 113 Morning Route

Corinth Bus: Picks students up at East Corinth Store, Town Hall, and America Rd.

7:00 AM – East Corinth General Store
7:10 Town Hall
7:15 S. America Road
7:50 Arrive TA

Afternoon Times:

2:55 Leave TA
3:30 S. America Road
3:35 Town Hall
3:45 East Corinth Store

Hartland/Sharon/Strafford Morning Route

Hartland/Sharon/Strafford Bus: Picks students up at Hartland Rec Center, Sharon Trading Post, and Strafford Park and Ride.

7:00 Hartland Rec Center
7:20 Sharon Trading Post parking lot
7:35 Strafford Park and Ride
8:00 Thetford Academy

Afternoon Times:

2:55 Leave TA
3:20 Strafford

Lyme Morning Route

Thetford Academy provides van transportation to and from the Lyme School each day.

Lyme Van: Picks up students at Lyme Elementary School.

7:35 Lyme Elementary School
7:55 Thetford Academy

Afternoon Times:

2:55 Leave TA
3:20 Lyme Elementary School

Washington/Chelsea Morning Route

Washington/Chelsea Bus: Picks up at Washington Town Clerk’s Office, and Chelsea Green.

7:05 Washington Town Clerk’s Office
7:20 Chelsea Green, corner by the library
7:50 Thetford Academy

Afternoon Times:

2:55 Leave TA
3:25 Chelsea Green
3:45 Washington Town Clerk’s Office

Upcoming Events

May 2024

Monday May 20Friday May 24

Student Appreciation Week

Thursday May 23

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
JV Softball vs Woodsville
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Varsity Baseball/Softball @ U-32

Friday May 24

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
JV Baseball/Softball @ Oxbow
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Varsity Baseball/Softball vs Harwood
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Thetford Arthouse Cinema

Saturday May 25

All Day
Essex Invitational/NE Qualifier - Track Meet
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
MS Baseball/Softball @ Oxbow

Monday May 27

All Day
No School ~ Memorial Day

Tuesday May 28

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
MS Baseball/Softball vs First Branch
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Varsity Baseball/Softball @ Spaulding
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Thetford Arthouse Cinema

Wednesday May 29

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
JV Baseball/Softball @ Spaulding
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Spring Concert & Arts Expo



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