Board of Trustees

Thetford Academy, an independent school with a public mission, is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

The Thetford Academy Board of Trustees consists of no more than 21 members, including an Alumni Representative nominated by the Thetford Academy Alumni Association, and three Town Representatives from our partnership towns of Thetford, VT, and Lyme, NH.

Current Board Members

Gio Bosco, President
Donna Steinberg, Vice President
Ann Bumpus, Member
Melody Burkins, Member
Shannon Darrah, Thetford Representative
Marisa Donovan, Member
Karl Furstenberg, Lyme Representative
Dana Grossman, Member
Robin Junker-Boyce, Member
Harry Kinne, Member
Lindsey Klecan, Member
Mary Dan Pomeroy, Alumni Representative
John Ziegler, Member

The Board of Trustees is a self-electing board, with most trustees serving one or more four-year terms. The Town Representatives (nominated by the partner towns) are elected for one year terms.

Board members are expected to:

  • Have a strong interest in the welfare of Thetford Academy and become informed about its mission, policies, organizational structure, services, and finances.
  • Support the mission and policies of Thetford Academy in interactions with the public and the members, and contribute to the best of their abilities financially and through their expertise, time, and services.
  • Attend Board of Trustee meetings.
  • Serve on at least one Trustee Committee and develop in-depth knowledge of the areas of responsibility of that committee.

Governance-Related Documents

Questions for the Thetford Academy Board of Trustees can be directed to Board President, Gio Bosco, or Vice President, Donna Steinberg.



We set high expectations. we challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.


We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


We work and learn together. We see teachers as coaches, students as team members, families as partners, and learning as practice and action.


We provide individuals with personalized support and guidance. We care about each other and the larger community.


We respect differences among people. We welcome the contribution of carried perspectives to a rich and flexible school culture.