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November Student of the Month: Senior Lily Vaughan

Remarkable. Positive. Conscientious. Kind. A Gentle Soul. A Delight. These are words teachers used to describe our November Student of the Month, a person who exemplifies academic and character traits that contribute positively to our school community. By always showing up to be her best self, senior Lily Vaughan is Panther who makes a difference.

On a daily basis, Lily quietly does good work, and by example inspires others to do the same. “Showing up” requires no excuses, just a strong work ethic to get things done. Lily is no stranger to work, helping on her family farm, and with past experience as a member of 4H, an organization promoting personal development of youth through agriculture.

Her teachers echo Lily’s strong work ethic. Sara Freeman comments: “She has always been very kind and she works very hard to do well on her academics. I will miss seeing her smile next year.” Jane Chambers adds: “Lily is a strong presence in the senior class.  She will go on to do wonderful things and continue to be a success in her life and life’s work.”

This year, Lily has taken on the extra work of helping design the yearbook for TA’s bicentennial year. Mark Weigel states that Lily “sets hefty goals for herself, and then works tirelessly to meet the goals without a single complaint. Her positive attitude and collaboration within the class is an inspiration to all of us.”

Kelly Welsh describes Lily as “a conscientious student who brightens the classroom with her warm smile and inspires others with her great work ethic. In World History, she worked hard to produce a research project that drew on her personal experience with dairy farming and taught us about the importance of this industry to our local culture and our economy.”

Ray Chapin states that Lily is “one of those students who does not draw attention to herself, but is always a thoughtful presence. In Literary Adaptations, her written responses to challenging works, from Memento to Macbeth, are consistently thorough and thoughtful.”

Lily is artistic as well, and no stranger to the art room, studying painting, drawing, and recently, ceramics, Karyn Neubauer reports. “She is detail oriented and focused, working diligently and learning from mistakes to produce pieces of ceramic art. In a short time she’s developed impressive pottery wheel skills!”

Len Whitaker notes Lily’s love of horticulture, especially growing chrysanthemums, as well as garden design. “She has a quiet confidence in herself and her abilities. I have seen her exhibit great kindness and patience working with others. Her kindness and steadiness puts people at ease. I have great respect for Lily and see her as a most positive role model for our community.”

Gary Engler adds that in science class Lily is “both a keen observer and mindful participant,” and notes that “Ideas that may be dismissed by others are oftentimes approached in a new way by Lily. Her succinct manner allows ideas to be re-defined in a way in which their essence is revealed in a new, approachable way.”

Whether in class or as a member of the softball team where her good attitude and focused playing is an example to all, Lily shines.  Congratulations to Lily Vaughan, the November Student of the Month.



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