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February Student of the Month: John Longshaw

February’s Student of the Month is one of TA’s friendliest juniors. If he arrives early to A-block, he sets out the chairs for his classmates, and when he sees them, he almost always greets them with “How are you doing today, Lexi. . .or Gavin. . .or Bethany?” Later, he’ll ask individuals, “So how’s your day going?”

In the afternoon, he attends River Bend Career and Technical Center, where teacher Elizabeth Towle reports that this young man “has been a fabulous addition” to their Student Council. As at TA, he is eager to be of assistance, and has volunteered to run the school store during afternoon break.”

In fact, any teacher or student who works with this junior knows how positive, generous, and friendly John Longshaw is. But he is more than that. John’s automotive technology teacher, Carl Hildebrandt, states that John “is always ready to work and is eager to learn all that he can. He has good questions and an incredible amount of energy.”

In English classes here at TA, Ms. Silver is impressed by the improvement John showed from tenth to eleventh grade. In Creative Writing this past fall, John committed to completing all his reading assignments, and on top of that, he was diligent about taking detailed notes so that he would do well on reading quizzes.

Diana Garcia-Lavigne, John’s advisor, delighted in seeing John integrate all the above qualities when he visited her classroom. She explains, “To me, John exemplifies the TA core value of caring. For the Door to Door poetry assignment in Creative Writing, John visited my class. He wrote a specially-commissioned poem not just for one of us, as the assignment called for, but one for each of us.”

Lastly, John is a great example for all of us. He has a great sense of school spirit and he treasures his grandparents—both his grandmother presently, and his grandfather, whose memory John honors every chance he gets. Many of us recall that John read a beautiful piece he had written about his Grandfather’s passing at Assembly several years ago.

Congratulations to a caring soul and an enthusiastic learner, the Thetford Academy February Student of the Month, John Longshaw.



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