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TA’s New Mountain Bike Trail

By, Ethan Marshia

The Thetford Outdoor Program has constructed a new mountain bike trail that is now available to the public. Students in the Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education course worked on the trail over the course of two weeks. It is located in the woodlot, across from Academy Road. Each student was responsible for one tool that he or she used to create the trail. I used the tamper to flatten the sides of the berms. Tamping the berms, raking the rocks and cutting roots were all jobs necessary to make this trail possible. It took a group effort to create this one mile bike trail, along with the help of some awesome volunteers.

 A huge thank you to Pete Wakeling from OTB trail builders and Mike Wells, for using their machines to excavate and plow the trail. TA’s trail crew, last year’s class, and Tait Linehan all played a big part in making this bike trail. Thetford Academy now possesses the sole legitimate mountain bike trail in the town of Thetford. If you can’t wait until spring, stop by this winter for fat biking, cross country skiing or snowshoeing as we plan to groom the trail.

When the snow melts in the spring, I look forward to seeing people flock to this neat attraction that we have worked so hard to make available for others to enjoy. Stop by and check out this curvy new slope and see what the buzz is all about!



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