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Letter to Seniors: Karen Martin

Thinking about myself as a high school senior sent me to my yearbook to review the past in a way I hadn’t in quite a long time.  Peering out of the pages were young women all wearing the same style sweater and necklace and young men wearing the same style jacket and tie.  All the same!  The girls’ appearances, many with long hair parted in the middle or side or short hair framing their faces with a little flip at the bottom, indicate our late 70’s hairstyles.  The boys—the majority of their hair is long in the front combed over to the right side of their faces—also look so very much alike in style.  Individuality in appearance?  Not so much!  But shared memories?  Of course!

I stopped at the green on Thetford Hill and walked by your pictures. I am so glad I did! I saw so many individual people, but people who share memories! You are not wearing the same necklace and sweater, but you will remember the same teachers and classmates.  You are not wearing the same style jacket and tie but you will hold shared memories of Founders’ Day, Mountain Day, and other activities with your classmates and peers.  And your hairstyles are very individual, but your memories of friends and an extraordinary end to your senior year along with a pandemic are those you share only with your class.  Hold the memories close!

Stay in touch with each other and Thetford Academy.  Many years from now you will be glad you did.  I wish you the best as you finish these last days of high school and step into the next phase of your life as the class of 2020 makes history!

Karen Martin

Class of 1971

Pequea Valley High School, Paradise, PA



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