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Lunch Program Update

Thetford Academy’s Café Lunch Program has had a great start to the year. We’ve been fortunate to receive federal funding to subsidize free lunch for all students, and have had enthusiastic responses from our students.

Dawn Phelps, our Café Manager, has been working hard to provide interesting and varied meals that transport well in our current setup. Students have the routine of pre-ordering down, and we’ve had good weather most days allowing students to eat outside with their pods, which has been great.

We are writing to request your assistance in the next steps with the federal lunch program.  The USDA recently announced that the current universal free lunch program will be extended through the duration of the school year. This is really good news for Vermont schools and for our TA community. 

As a participating school, Thetford Academy must report meal data and information related to family participation. To that end, we need your help with next steps:

Included in this mailing is the Vermont state application for Free and Reduced Lunch, which we are asking every family to complete. Even if you think your family might not qualify, the data on the form is very helpful as we work to identify needs in our community, apply for grant funding for our lunch program, and strive to serve our students to the best degree possible. Online link for application here.

Please complete and return the application by November 10.

If you have any questions about the lunch program at TA this year or need assistance with the application, please contact Dean of Students Siobhan Lopez.


Siobhan Lopez, Dean of Students            Dawn Phelps, Café Manager




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