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Health Office Update: May 26, 2022

Covid Cases:
TA had 5 new cases of Covid on Monday, one on Tuesday and ZERO on Wednesday & Thursday. Thank you to students for masking this week & keeping our community healthy!!

What to do if your student tests positive for Covid:

  1. If you have no symptoms on day 5 (date of positive test is day 0) and you are negative you may return to school.
  2. If you have no symptoms on day 5 and you are still testing positive, please wear an N95 mask until day 10.
  3. If you still have symptoms (cough, runny nose, headache, sore throat, extreme fatigue) on day five -continue to stay home until – symptom free. (Unless you are testing negative.)

Students 5 and older should get their first booster if they haven’t already.
Adults 50 years and older and all 12 years old and up with immunocompromise can get a 2nd booster (if the previous booster was more than 4 months ago).
Next walk-in booster clinics: 5/27/22 Royalton Town Office 11:30 AM-2:00 PM.

Extra take home kits & N95 masks are available in the Health & Main Office.
Vermont Department of Health Covid management guidelines are on the TA Health Page. A friendly reminder your child needs Cardiac Covid sports clearance if they had Covid; All this information is available on TA’s Health Page.

Water Safety:
Remind your teens to be avoid swimming in fast water/rivers with strong currents. Do not swim
at the Union Village Dam with water rushing through. Teens remember to always swim with a
buddy, NEVER dive where water is rocky, cloudy, or shallow; do not drink alcohol and swim.

Deer ticks are out -DAILY TICK CHECKS RESUME.
-Ellen’s Lyme Disease prevention video:

War in Ukraine
There are ways to help during this horrific war: there is a UNICEF coin collection box outside the Health Office, UNICEF is helping thousands of children. Online donations can be made to: the International Committee for the Red Cross ( and Doctors Without Borders ( these organizations are providing emergency water, food and medical aid. A Polish women and children’s charity, UNAWEZA: is helping Ukrainian refuges in Poland.



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