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Bittersweet Goodbyes: Faculty Departures

The end of the school year is always full of celebration and also bittersweet goodbyes – not only for the graduating seniors, but also for the faculty and school staff who are moving on in their lives as well. This year we are saying goodbye to six faculty members. 

  • Leah Boch, World Languages & Thetford Outdoor Program
  • Derek Burkins, Science
  • Jessica Dewey, Special Education
  • Lynne Harrison, Special Education
  • John Luce, Unified Arts
  • Jennifer McCall, English

The next adventures for this talented crew of educators are varied and, for some, still evolving. Upcoming opportunities include: Jesse Dewey is taking on a new role in the White River Valley Supervisory Union, John Luce is excited for a full-time chorus position in Montpelier, and Jen McCall is headed to Boston to work for the education travel company EF Tours. A special note of congratulations to Lynne Harrison, who retired on June 13 after more than three decades in the teaching field.

We are grateful for the impact each of these educators had on their students and colleagues during their tenure at Thetford Academy. Departing faculty were honored by colleagues at the annual year-end employee luncheon on June 9 and recognized by the entire school community with a standing ovation during Class Day on June 10. At both events there were smiles and tears among those being honored and those doing the honoring.

Photo: Jen McCall represents the English department announcing senior awards on Class Day, June 10, 2022.



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