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Health Office Update: August 25th

The bulletin board outside the Health Office is updated with wellness information about headaches, anxiety, nutrition, and healthy sleep for teens.

Updated Covid Management Information:

Updated Covid management information is posted on the Health Office page on the Thetford Academy’s website. A new Covid vaccine targeting the Omicron variant will be available at the end of September or October. TA will share updates as they are released.

News from the VT Department of Health:

New York State has had a case of paralytic polio. The polio virus has been found in wastewater in upstate New York and NYC. Any student or adult not fully vaccinated against polio should be vaccinated ASAP.

Monkey Pox vaccinations are now available in Vermont; interested/concerned families should talk to their child’s primary care physician. 

Friendly reminders about medications and health conditions:

Prescription medications:

  • Must be kept in the Health Office
  • Parents/guardians must get a current medication order to the Health Office before medication can be given at school.
  • If a student wants to self-carry an inhaler or epi-pen, the Health Office needs documentation of permission from a medical provider. 

Over-the-counter medications:

  • Students require written parent/guardian approval to take over-the-counter medications at school; please provide a written note to the Health Office or email Nurse Ellen directly. 
  • All medications will be administered in the Health Office or in the Main Office if Nurse Ellen is unavailable.

If your child has a medical condition which may require treatment at school, please contact Nurse Ellen.

All students need asthma action plans, emergency allergy plans, dated 2022, sent to Nurse Ellen no later than September 2nd. Please call or email Nurse Ellen with questions. 



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