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Health Office Update: August 7

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Welcome back to Thetford Academy. I hope you all had some time to rest over the summer. Student health is a team effort between students, parents/guardians and the TA health office. I look forward to caring for all our students’ healthcare needs both big and small. I’m at TA Monday-Thursday.

If your child has a medical condition with treatment needs at school, please contact Nurse Ellen.

• For short term health challenges like a broken arm/pneumonia/concussion please:

Contact Nurse Ellen with info on the condition and a letter from the doctor about what needs to be done.

• For chronic conditions:

            1. All students need asthma action plans or emergency allergy plans, dated 2023. Please send them to Nurse Ellen no later than September 5th. 

            2. Emergency medications must be stored in the health office UNLESS a plan to carry the medication is discussed with nurse Ellen, for example carrying an asthma rescue inhaler with the student (this also needs the doctor’s permission).

Friendly reminders about medications at TA:

Prescription medications:

1. Must be kept in the health office

2. Parents/guardians need to get a current medication order to Nurse Ellen before so it can be given at school.

Over-the-counter medications:

1.Your child (unless 18 years old) needs written parent/guardian approval to take over-the-counter medications at school; please have them bring a written note or email Nurse Ellen.

2. Your child will take the medication in the health office or main office if Nurse Ellen is not at school.

Field Trips and SPORTS

Parents are responsible for making sure their student has their medication (rescue inhaler/epi-pen etc.). STUDENTS you are responsible to get the medicine to your teacher or COACH at the start of the field trip or GAME. Nurse Ellen needs at least 10 days notice for field trips with complex medical conditions.


If your child is sick, please have them stay home.

• A student with a fever over 100 degrees or a student who has vomited needs to be home. Students may return when symptoms have resolved for 24 hours.

• Students with strep throat need to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school.

• If your student has a bad cold or viral sore throat keep them home so they get better faster and don’t spread the illness to their friends. If you have questions, please call Nurse Ellen.

Health Updates

Every Thursday I send out a Health Update. This includes info on current illnesses, up-coming flu clinics, dental van visits as well as local resources. These updates are posted weekly on the TA website under “Student Life.”

No concern is too small, please email or call the health office anytime if you have questions.



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