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Health Office Update: September 14, 2023

Mountain Day
TA students and teachers are looking for forward to a fun day of hiking. It is good for student’s mental and physical health to be outside and be active. If your child has a medical condition such as: asthma or a food or bee sting allergy or a seizure condition – parents are responsible for sending the emergency medication with their child on Mountain Day. The exception is if the medicine is kept in the health office & then I will send it with their chaperones.

Friendly Reminders:
Please return the light green health cards to the health office as soon as possible.

For chronic conditions:
Please turn in emergency plans from your doctor as soon as possible; we need those before Mountain Day.

There are 2 viruses going around at school, one is a head cold with congestion and fever, the other a stomach bug. We have zero people out with Covid this week. If you need a Covid test kit please come to the health office. 

Prescription medications:
Friendly reminder: I need a note/email from the parent & an order from the doctor, to be able to give the medicine at school. The medication stays in the health office.

Over-the-counter medications:
We need a note/email from the parent. The medication is given in the health office.

Field Trips and Sports
Parents are responsible for making sure their student has their medication (rescue inhaler/epi-pen etc.) for field trips and sports. Students, please remember to get the medicine to your teacher or coach.

Please check daily for deer ticks – especially after Mountain Day

  • Shower & wash clothes if you are out in tick territory.
  • If a deer tick is attached to you for more than 24-36 hours call your pediatrician & get a one-time antibiotic to prevent Lyme Disease.
  • Also, save the tick – show your doctor or Nurse Ellen Ellen’s Lyme Disease prevention video 

Poison Ivy, Poison Parsnip
There is a lot of poison parsnip right now; it is tall and looks like Queen Anne’s lace, except it has yellow flowers. Photos of poison ivy & poison parsnip. If you walk through poison ivy or poison parsnip wash thoroughly with soap and water & put your clothes & shoes in the washing machine.

Smiling Mind is an Australian mental health app that offers programs for teens, including helping with resilience.

Thetford Town Service Officer
The town service officer can help with gas cards, fuel oil, etc. The town service officer can connect families with other supports. Jessica Eaton is the Thetford Town Service Officer and can be contacted for assistance with a wide variety of needs. Email:  [email protected]. Phone: 802.333.9491

Thetford Food Shelf
The food shelf is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to noon. The food shelf serves residents of Thetford, Fairlee, West Fairlee, Vershire and Strafford.

Corinth, West Topsham & Bradford Food Shelves
West Topsham’s food shelf is at the Riverside Grange & open Monday 3-4 PM and Fridays 5:30 -630 PM. Bradford Academy ‘s food shelf, in Bradford, is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4 p.m.; Wednesday, 5-6 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m.-noon


The International Red Cross is helping in Libya



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