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TA Junior is Top Ranked Sled Hockey Athlete

TA junior Caleb Crossett is about as active as they come. Of the few fond memories I have of “CovidPodLife 2021”, one that stands out to me is the memory of Caleb and former Science teacher Len Whitaker passing a hockey puck any chance they could get. It came as no surprise, then, to learn that Caleb has been participating in competitive sled hockey since he was seven years old. 

For those who might not know, sled hockey is a fast-paced sport in which participants propel themselves in aluminum-framed sleds across a hockey rink using two modified hockey sticks. At one end of the stick is a standard hockey stick blade, and at the other are sharp metal prongs that allow the athletes to push themselves across the ice. 

Caleb’s early years in the sport were spent under the tutelage of Dave Santimore, an Army veteran who organized games with other disabled veterans from the White River Junction, VT VA hospital. In a recent conversation in front of the student body at TA’s weekly assembly, Caleb explained “I was 9 years old and the rest of the guys were 60+.” As his interest and experience grew over the years, Caleb branched out to other leagues and teams, with the majority of his hockey career spent with Montpelier’s Central Vermont Pioneers. 

Sled hockey is organized into different leagues and divisions, with athletes placed on weaker or stronger teams based on their ability and skill. Athletes are also invited to select summer camps to compete and train against the best of the best. In his last few seasons, Caleb has consistently ranked as one of the strongest players, not only in his league, but in the country.  

During this season alone, he has traveled to tournaments in Denver, Tampa, Montreal, and Philadelphia. Many of these tournaments included members of the US and Canada national Paralympic teams. During Monday’s assembly, we watched a snippet of a national-level game between the US and Canada, and Caleb pointed out numerous top-ranked athletes he had played against.

Out of the 245 members of the Northeast Sled Hockey League, Caleb is currently ranked first with 29 goals and 12 assists. This summer he is, once again, returning to a select, invitation-only, training camp where national team members are selected. With two summers to go before the 2026 Paralympics, Caleb has his sights set on representing the United States in Italy. Let’s go, Caleb!



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