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Assembly 2017-18: A Student-Centered Approach

Beginning this month, the Student Council will be coordinating TA’s Wednesday assembly program.  Their goal is to broaden student participation and recognition through a student-centered model.

Bringing our community together once a week is an important opportunity for students to learn about each other from each other and participate in meaningful dialogue with each other. Students will be doing the lion’s share of the presenting, and Student Council members will be working hard to help make that happen, both by running each assembly, as well as by encouraging their classmates to participate in assembly.

One important aspect of this new approach is for students and employees to take a closer look at whether assembly is the best venue for their announcement to be made, or if the Student Council could help spread the message in an alternative way. By doing this, it will allow more time during assemblies for things like all school activities or discussions about important topics.

Each week, Student Council will also be curating shout-outs about individuals or groups of students to be made during assembly. We hope to recognize every student at TA in assembly by the end of the school year. This is an effort to help our students get to know their peers and their interests.

Our end goal is to have assembly planned, organized, and run entirely by the students, with the hope of them creating a time and space where students feel heard, valued and celebrated.



We set high expectations. We challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.


We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


We work and learn together. We see teachers as coaches, students as team members, families as partners, and learning as practice and action.


We provide individuals with personalized support and guidance. We care about each other and the larger community.


We respect differences among people. We welcome the contribution of varied perspectives to a rich and flexible school culture.