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October Student of the Month: Emily Trage

October’s Student of the Month is a junior who is known for her warmth, her sincerity, and her positive nature. Even while running her first cross-country race over at Woodstock in miserably cold, muddy, and rainy conditions, she smiled back at everyone who cheered for her.

When it comes to academics, the same traits shine through. Kate Owen describes what it was like when Emily came to the library to work on her research paper last year: “I was so pleased she asked for help, listened carefully and then thoughtfully moved forward and came back with new questions. She’s always a positive presence—she just exudes good will.”

In World History this semester, Kelly Welsh has seen the same intellectual and wonderfully kind approach: “Emily asks thoughtful questions, and she is respectful to all. She puts a lot of care into her writing, and for her research paper, she is determined to do the hard work of consulting as many primary sources as she can possibly find. She is researching the role that stigma played in the devastation caused by AIDS, particularly in the early days of the epidemic; and the end result is likely to be an impressive scholarly work.”

The fact that Emily’s sincerity, kindness, and thoughtfulness shine through even when she is speaking French reflects her genuine ability and talent for the language. Madame Heinzmann explains that in French 5 this fall, Emily has made numerous passages of Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince “come to life through her instinctive empathy with the characters. And whether it’s in a formal essay or a casual conversation, Emily always stretches herself intellectually. When she learns something new in class, she pushes herself to use it, even when “it” is the subjunctive” (which Madame personally tried to avoid like the plague for as long as she could because it’s so hard)!

Emily Trage’s impact on TA’s community goes deeper than exuding respect and warmth. She played a pivotal role as a student leader in last year’s Operation Day’s Work effort, and she has served on the Counseling Department Advisory Council as a student representative for two years. Rebecca Walter notes that Emily’s thoughtful insight has been valuable to her and Mark as they think about the ways they serve students at TA.

We congratulate Emily Trage, TA’s October Student of the Month, a promising student whom Mark Pichette describes as “an an old soul who radiates warmth and kindness.  She is the definition of genuine.” 



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