TA News

The Sugar Shack

By, Jackson Kingsbury

The Thetford Outdoor Program has built a Sugar Shack. The Sugar Shack was one of the biggest projects that the class took on this year. Each student was given one job to lead. I was responsible for the construction of the rafters, while Becca was responsible for the doors. We all helped each other with their jobs. I helped Becca with the doors and Tait helped me with the rafters. Everyone had something to do and it took the entire class working together to complete the project.

A big thank you to Jere Linehan, and Mike Wells for the extra support to make this building become a reality. Between leveling the floor, building and putting up the walls, making the roof trusses and building the cupola, the Thetford Outdoor Program was able to make a beautiful, functional Sugar Shack. The building will now forever hold a place in Thetford Academy’s history.

When there is steam rolling out of the Sugar Shack and the sweet smell of maple syrup fills the crisp cold air, I will feel proud of what we have accomplished. I can’t wait to see that site, and I believe other people are going to feel the same way. Come by in March to see this new building in action.



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