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Louise Downey Outspells Ten TA Spellers in Middle School Bee

“Solely,” “gremlin,” “antagonism,” “lustrous,” and “diabolical” were some of the easier words.

“Writhing,” “garret,” “humanitarian,” “guise,” and “dismissal” eliminated some of the competitors.

And “chilblains,” “balustrades,” “prevaricate,” “flambeau,” and “gondalier” caused no casualties among TA’s top three spellers, as 7th grader Louise Downey eventually prevailed in the TA Middle School Spelling Bee on Monday, Feb. 4.

Louise edged fellow spellers 7th grader Margaret Smallwood and 8th grader Michael Fernandez in the 16th round with the correct spelling of the championship word “transcendental.”

Prior to the event, contestants had been given a long list of words to study. At the conclusion of the 15th round, the spellers were asked to spell “off the board” words for which they were not able to prepare. “Monogamous” and “effulgent” stumped Margaret and Michael, before Louise correctly spelled “heliocentric,” followed by the championship word, to take the prize.

Louise will now go on to complete in the Vermont State Spelling Bee at St. Michael’s College in Colchester on March 19.

All eleven contestants won their class spelling bees to earn a spot in the TA competition. In addition to Louise, Margaret, and Michael, they were: Maxwell Leibon, Marshall Melancon, McKenna Crance, Ben Perron, Noah Hill, Shannon O’Donnell, Isaiah Kol, and Elden Crossett.

The event was emceed by English teacher Joe Deffner, with the assistance of pronouncer and fellow English teacher Ray Chapin.

Pictured above are (left to right) Louise, Margaret, and Michael.



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