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Students Lead Feminine Hygiene Project at TA

Starting this fall, Thetford Academy’s bathrooms have been stocked with free feminine hygiene products. In the past, TA students were able visit the Health Office to access these necessities, but this year a few dedicated students worked to expand availability and make it easier for all students to access the feminine hygiene products they need, when and where they need them.

Right now, ten TA bathrooms, including the locker room and unisex bathrooms are stocked with baskets containing a variety of products. A committed group of students refill the baskets weekly and keep track of inventory. They also follow up on the “suggestion envelope” posted near the baskets, making sure that the hygiene products offered suit the needs of the student population.

This effort is made possible with the financial support of the Poore Family Trust of Thetford. The Trust is stewarded by town-elected trustees, who review community requests and allocate the Trust’s earnings to families and organizations in need. TA is grateful to both the Poore Family Trust and the student leaders–Faith Crowe, Cayden Benjamin, Emily Trage, and Jordan Smith–for making the feminine hygiene project a reality at Thetford Academy.




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