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Student Journal: Elle Dixon ’20

I still haven’t processed the fact the I will never have another day at TA, the place where I grew to be who I am today. It hurts my heart to know that that Tuesday was it. That my junior track season would be my last track season. My heart hurts to know that I must leave behind all I know and I’m comfortable with without a real, proper goodbye. I love TA and I always will. I know I will always long for one more day. One more boing class where the minutes turn into hours. One more music class where I turn up the amp and feel like a rock star. One more study center where we get nothing accomplished but know each other a little better at the end. I will miss seeing the 7th graders in their natural state: chaos, I will miss thinking about how that was me 5 years ago and being amazed how far all of us have come. I will miss seeing my friends in the halls. Seeing Alan Xi walking the halls like he’s the king of the universe. I’m going to miss pulling into the parking lot 2 minutes before class starts and seeing Siobhan shaking her head at me. There are so many things I will miss I can’t name them all. I like to think things happen for a reason. But I still can’t bring myself to find the silver lining. This class, the class of 2020 here at TA and all around the world will never have our senior year and my heart goes out to them. We will get through these things are just going to have to be different for a while. But TA is not a building we are a community and that is why I know things will be all right. 



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