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June 2020 Student of the Month: Carter Banks

June’s Student of the Month can be described with many positive adjectives: polite, considerate, conscientious, hardworking, tenacious, and many more as you’ll see.

When challenges come his way, he doesn’t let them slow him down, rather, he seems to use them as fuel to drive him to even greater heights.

Tim Renner, an instructor at Hypertherm said: “For me the thing that stuck out most about him was his drive and his tenacity… I was amazed that not once did he ever let anything slow him down or stop him… He is an inspiration for other students”

Angela Lavoy, who has worked with him in math, history, and science classes notes that “he is extremely hardworking–never takes a shortcut. He sets the bar high and this inspired her to stay sharp. What also makes him shine is that he is very polite and never fails to say “thank you.” And that makes all the difference!” 

Sadie Mayfield adds: “He has an amazing sense of humor and is one of the most well informed students about the world around him.”

An Inspiration. Hardworking.  Tenacious. Well-informed. Who is this wonderful student and person? He is our one and only Carter Banks, Thetford Academy Class of 2021.

Karen Martin says, “Carter always strives for the highest quality in his work… In this, he puts an extraordinary amount of time and energy into this process with extra effort and consistency… Carter is a wonderful person to know, talk to, and interact with.”

His English teacher, Michael Mann concurs: “Carter is a super thoughtful, kind, and considerate student. Very conscientious and studious,” and, with equal admiration, his history teacher, Betsy Pond adds: “Carter is clever and kind, he does not seem to be deterred easily by tasks that are hard.” 

But wait, there’s more: His yoga teacher, Karyn Neubauer saw a different side of him. She says: “Carter is caring and kind, and brought a sense of fun to yoga class, where his background in gymnastics showed; he is incredibly strong and flexible!”

Clever, caring, kind, strong and flexible.

Deb Sanders-Dame adds that Carter “has truly worked to experience everything at TA, from Algebra II to Hypertherm … he has run track and been positive through many difficult times.”

His Chemistry teacher, Marc Chabot, saw all of these things: curiosity, joy, enthusiasm, and wants to add one more accolade: he is gracious even when others are mean. He knows how to collect himself, find the center, and return to the work.  He’s a creative, tenacious competitor when it comes to building and competing with robots, too. Even when facing daunting competition at the robotics state championship, rather than lose confidence, he doubled his concentration and forged ahead.

With all of these fine qualities and many more, it is our pleasure to celebrate the Thetford Academy Student of the Month for June 2020.  Congratulations, Carter!



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