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Letter to Seniors: Jennifer Gernhard

Dear Seniors,

“When life gives you lemons,  make lemonade.”  “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  Many people gravitate to these mundane and clichéd sayings. I find myself repeating them to friends and family during difficult times or unexpected hardships. They are predictable, ordinary, almost habitual.  Perhaps the ordinary is the crux of their charm. 

Difficult times throw people off balance. Familiarity offers stability. The routine and predictable “ways” are an anchor–a  “you are here”  in the realm of the unknown.  During the last two months, we have all been thrown off balance.  New routines and blurred routes replaced the familiar.  Through it all you’ve persevered.    You have established  your own anchors and supports. You have met challenges and problem-solved with dogged determination.   And,  you have come through to celebrate this tremendous achievement.  A unique, noteworthy, and Herculean achievement– you’re a graduate in the Class of 2020!

Life “after TA” will hold similarities.  Stepping forward into the next experience will also require new routines.  The routes ahead will still be muted and blurred.   But,  you have a formidable advantage.  You have seen and  travelled the unknown before. So doing, you have established new and impressive abilities and competence. These newly acquired skills will serve you well. 

Congratulations and best wishes to each of you.  I have full confidence in your future accomplishments and feats.  After all, your reputation precedes you.  You’re a graduate in the Thetford Academy Class of 2020!

With sincere admiration,

Jennifer Gernhard

Berlin High School

Class of 1981



We set high expectations. We challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.


We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


We work and learn together. We see teachers as coaches, students as team members, families as partners, and learning as practice and action.


We provide individuals with personalized support and guidance. We care about each other and the larger community.


We respect differences among people. We welcome the contribution of varied perspectives to a rich and flexible school culture.