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Health Office Update: Oct. 18

Dear Parents, Guardians and Families:

Hello All! We are writing to share important updates from the Health Office:

  • We are staying in touch with Thetford Elementary School regarding their very small number of positive Covid cases. Any contact tracing that needs to be done is being done. 
  • If you are not yet vaccinated: please strongly consider getting your child and yourself vaccinated against Covid on Wednesday October 20th at school from noon until 2 PM. 
  • As case counts in our state and in our county are rapidly rising, we are seeing that previously healthy kids in Vermont are now in the hospital with Covid–most are unvaccinated. If you have any questions about the vaccine, please watch this brief video for more information or email Ellen.
  • Attached are the Covid vaccine consent forms and the pre-vaccination questionnaire. Please return them by the end of the day Tuesday, October 19th. *If your child is getting their 2nd Covid vaccination on October 20th – they do NOT need another consent form.
  • Covid PCR testing is available weekly at school  on Tuesday mornings. This is the link to the Covid PCR consent.

Covid is like measles: as a nurse practitioner, I have no way of knowing if your child or you will come through Covid with very minor symptoms or be very sick and be in the hospital. In the 1960’s, as a child, my husband had a very mild case of measles and was fine. At the same time, a good friend of mine had measles and was gravely sick and in the hospital for weeks.  We just can’t tell who will be hit harder by an illness. 

Any questions? Please email Nurse Ellen, [email protected].

Ellen Gnaedinger, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Thetford Academy School Nurse



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