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TA Anti-Racism Task Force Issues Recommendations

Following nine months of intensive work, the TA Anti-Racism Task Force presented their findings and recommendations to the school’s board of trustees this summer. The group’s final recommendations report is now complete and ready to be shared with the community and integrated into our school’s strategic plan and actions moving forward.

The 12-page report includes an executive summary; an overview of the group’s process last year, concluding with an at-a-glance list of its 11 recommendations (page 4); followed by an in-depth review of each recommendation outlining suggested action steps and resources. The recommendations connect with many aspects of the school’s program, ranging from the academic curriculum to student activities to staff and trustee diversity.

While the whole premise of the task force and its recommendations is that TA has much work to do in this area, the report is also aspirational and hopeful. The report concludes: “Thetford Academy is well-positioned to be a leader in social justice work, making it an inviting place for BIPOC students and employees, and enhancing the potential of all our students to become engaged, knowledgeable, empathic citizens.”

A new diversity, equity, and inclusion council, comprised of TA faculty, administrator, and trustee representatives, will help guide next steps in following through on the recommendations.

Visit the new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page on TA’s website to read more about the context for the TA Anti-Racism Task Force’s work and to link to the recommendations report:




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