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Memory Tree Honors TA’s Loved Ones for the 32nd Year

Every year as the holidays approach, the Thetford Academy Alumni Association lights a memory tree in front of the White Building. Each bulb represents a lost loved one remembered by their fellow alumni, friends, neighbors, and family. Thank you to everyone who made a gift in memory of a loved one this year.

Please join us in celebrating the lives of:

Janice A’Ness
Keith A’Ness
Arline Andrews
Carol Bacon ’55
Robert Bacon ’39
Warren Bacon ’42
Arthur Bacon
Loren Bacon ’70
Danny Bacon ’84
Carleton Bacon ’49
Ruth Bacon
Robert L. Bacon ’39
Ronald Bacon ’54
Dorothy Banker
James Banker ’55
Mike Batchelder ’80
Earl John Beede ’57
Dorothy Beede
John E. Beede, Jr. ’57
Jerry Bergdorf
Andrew Berry ’69
Betty Tilden Blain ’46
Charles Bocage
Robert Bonnett ’42
Jim Bronson
David Bucci
Charan Burford
Jean Burford
Don Burford
Bud Bushway ’58
Jean Tilden Bushway ’59
Andrew Carpenter
Kathleen and Gerald Cole
Duane Joe Cook
Virginia Stanley Cook
Connor Cook ’14
Jim Crowley ’58
Don Dickey
Kathy Bacon Donnelly
Hilda Doyle
Donald Doyle
Scarlett Chesley Dube ’60
Elspeth P. Eaton
Russell B. Eaton
Katharine Eaton
Russell J. Eaton ’73
Thomas Eaton ’60
Kay Faust
Jeffrey Fifield
Derek Rick Fifield ’61
Torrey Fifield ’02
Rick Fifield
Evelyn Fifield
Everett Fifield, Jr.
Everett Fifield, Sr.
Johnnie Fitzgerald ’29
Kirsten Gelbach

Susie Gillis
Jeremy Godfrey ’90
William Goodrich ’95
Troy Gray ’85
Bill Guyer ’73
Roland Hanchett ’60
Enoch Hill
Mary Ann Hutchins Hill ’82
Everett Hosmer ’95
Bobby Huggett ’58
Donald Hutchins ’81
Maynard Ilsley
Helen Ilsley
Ed Ilsley
John Jacobs
Norman Jacobs
Cindy Kelly
Betty Sumner King ’37
Earl LaMountain
Rita LaMountain
John LaMountain ’60
Arthur LaPierre ’62
Donald LaPierre ’91
Gerard Lariviere
Madeline Lariviere
Charlie Latham
Don Leavitt
Norm Leuning
Beda Kendall Levine ’57
Janet Bacon Maclay
Roddy Maclay ’74
Louise McCutchen ’34
Lucy Davis Miller ’47
Marco Monticchio
Donald Moody
Baby Ned
Betty Olsen ’45
Gram Paige
Alvin ’44 and Alice Paige
David Palmer ’41
Gardner Palmer ’42
Sylvia Palmer ’61
Ann-Eve Pedersen
Flo Peet
Pauline Peters
William Peters
Mardi Phelps
Pauline Kendall Picknell
Doug Piper ’74
Carolyn Kelly Porter ’58
Eleanor Bronson Pyle
Warren Pyle
Kathy and Chris Quinn
Milly Rebhun
Lenny Rebhun
Floyd Ricker
Marjorie Ricker ’41
Alfred C. Robinson
Carrie Bacon Robinson
Janice G. Robinson
Kenneth B. Robinson ’53
Larry Robinson ’80
Gerard Robinson ’60
Evan Rowell ’95
Ralph Sage ’57
Bruce Sage ’57
Shirlee Sanborn
Earl H Silloway
Gladys E Silloway
Marley May Sirjane ’11
Della Smith ’37
Walter Smith
Russell Smith
Joanne Snyder
William and Marjorie Steel
Becki Steel
Rose Strout ’60
Maurice A Sumner
Jack Sweet ’16
Raymond Swift
Goldie Swift
Donna Teruko Hiromura-Saydek
James Thorburn
Roger Thurston ’57
Jean Thurston ’58
Janet Tilden
Karl Tilden ’56
Richard Uline ’60
Vickie Uline
Roger Vaughan ’67
Steve Wallis
Jim Wark
Ruth Doyle Waterbury ’60
Donald J. White
Ruth and Herman Wight
Leslie Wight ’66
Ray Willey
Gerald Wilson
Marion Palmer Wilson
Russell Wing ’69
Marie Wurtz ’63
Warren Wurtz
Jean Young ’42
Deceased Members of the Class of 1980



We set high expectations. We challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.


We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


We work and learn together. We see teachers as coaches, students as team members, families as partners, and learning as practice and action.


We provide individuals with personalized support and guidance. We care about each other and the larger community.


We respect differences among people. We welcome the contribution of varied perspectives to a rich and flexible school culture.