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Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Hauger Pushee ’93

Sarah Hauger Pushee, TA ‘93, always knew she was mechanically inclined. Her dad is a plumber, “I was a Daddy’s girl and quickly picked up all things mechanical – I just liked it.”  So it was no surprise that, during the pandemic, friends and community members came to her with their bikes for repair. As her garage filled with bikes Sarah knew it was time to open her own shop. Now, two years later, she is the proud owner of Red Clover Bikes in Fairlee. Red Clover Bikes has inventory (kids, adults, racing enthusiasts, ebikes, and gear) and a bustling repair shop.  

At TA, Sarah was an avid cross country runner and was a student in the early years of the Woods Trail Run. She credits her time as a cross country runner with her love of mountain biking. Coach Larry Drew encouraged his runners to explore area trails and Sarah learned about potential bike routes she otherwise would not have. “The gift of an education at TA is the uniqueness of the campus. It is such a beautiful location – I loved my time at TA.” 

Visit Sarah and her team, including three other Thetford Residents at Red Clover Bikes in Fairlee – another local treasure founded by a TA alum!



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