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Drama Students to Present Short Plays “In Our Own Words”

This Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Martha Jane Rich Theater, TA students in the Fall Play class will stage their final performances of the semester. The performances, titled “In Our Own Words,” will feature a trio of original short plays written by students as their final project. These plays were created using the process of “devised theatre,” also sometimes referred to as “collaborative creation.”

In Our Own Words was developed entirely by students, who researched, compiled, and wrote their scripts based on contemporary issues affecting teens. “Unlike traditional theatrical productions, devised theatre doesn’t start with a script – it starts with an idea, concept, or topic,” shared drama teacher Jeff Seabaugh. “There are no traditionally defined roles, and all students work together as playwrights, directors, designers, and actors. In devising theatre the process is just as important as the product.”

The plays to be presented are:

Till Death Do Us Part – devised by Heidi Hewes, Emma Willens, Henley Cook, Simon Swingforth, and Twyla Weinstein

Start Somewhere – devised by Grace Elmer, Elizabeth Waterman, Sam Kraemer, Rebecca Osgood, Gracie Haley-Tobin, and Raine Waln 

Our World – devised by Zurael Star, Whitney Lewis, Starleigh Fielder, Connor Gaine, and Matthew Vivian



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