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Health Office Update: May 18

Ronald McDonald Dental Van and Plainfield Health Center
Many thanks to the dentist, hygienists and dental staff for the excellent care this week of our TA students. They saw 40 students. We are very appreciative of this program.

Protect your skin from sunburn – please remember to use sunscreen. Burned skin today can lead to skin cancer as an adult.

Please- check daily for deer ticks.

  • Shower & wash clothes if you are out in tick territory.
  • If a deer tick is attached to you for more than 24-36 hours, call your pediatrician & get a one-time antibiotic to prevent Lyme Disease.
  • Also, save the tick – show your doctor or Nurse Ellen
  • Ellen’s Lyme Disease prevention video 


  • We are still seeing a few head colds and some students with the stomach virus and lots of seasonal allergies.
  • Please continue to test for Covid particularly with the head colds.
  • Let us know what symptoms they have when you call your child out.
  • If your student is out for more than 3 days with illness, please get a note from their doctor.

Tips to sleep well:

  • go to bed at the same time nightly
  • don’t eat a big meal before bed
  • no phones or computers the hour before bed
  • turn off phone alerts during the night, better yet leave your phone in the kitchen overnight.
  • Tips courtesy of Dr. Jose Serrano, psychologist at the VA

Water Safety:

  • Teens, please avoid swimming in fast water/rivers with strong currents. 
  • Remember to always swim with a buddy, NEVER dive where water is rocky, cloudy, or shallow; don’t drink alcohol/use marijuana & swim.

Self-confidence and Wellness

  • Students:  these are ways to build self-confidence: baby-sitting classes, working, art classes, sports, summer camp e.g., VT conservation camps, scouts, robotics club, art classes, TA summer programs and much more. 
  • Parents, think about summer plans for your teens. Nurse Ellen or the counseling office can help.
  • Open Door has dance classes which promote wellness and self-confidence. Open Door Dance Classes

Smiling Mind is an Australian mental health app that offers programs for teens, including helping with resilience. Smiling Mind website

Handbook on how to be a Parent of a Teen
Parents if you wish to talk to your teens about marijuana use, anxiety, social media, having a regular schedule etc. Pick-up “The Parent Handbook,” from Kara Toms, Nurse Ellen or the main office.

Thetford Town Service Officer
An additional resource for winter, the town service officer can help with gas cards, fuel oil, etc. The town service officer can connect families with other supports. Jessica Eaton is the Thetford Town Service Officer and can be contacted for assistance with a wide variety of needs.  Email:  [email protected]. Phone:  802.333.9491

Thetford Food Shelf
The food shelf is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to noon. The food shelf serves residents of Thetford, Fairlee, West Fairlee, Vershire and Strafford.

Helping Folks in Syria/TurkeyUkraine
These countries are in need of food, shelter and medical care. Agencies that can help are:
Doctors Without Borders
International Red Cross



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