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TA’s Climate Alliance Attends Youth Climate Leadership Academy

This year, student led TA Climate Alliance (TACA) is on a mission to implement projects that address climate change issues here on campus and in our own community. Last weekend, 5 students attended the Youth Climate Leadership Academy Kick-Off Retreat, hosted by NH/VEEP along with 10 similarly motivated groups of students from schools across NH and VT. TACA came away from this two-day training with a clear vision, project, and concrete goals to move their work forward here on campus. Cynder Malin, a TA freshman, tells us what TACA has in store….

Thetford Academy Climate Alliance Update from Cynder Malin

Our climate crisis has gotten worse than ever, and it’s clear that if we don’t do anything, the consequences will be dire. While this information – stressful to say the least – can be scary for some, many students across Vermont and New Hampshire are using that as fuel to take action in their communities and schools.

On the weekend of December 1, 2023, various student climate action groups came together to figure out what can be done. The weekend at the Hulbert Outdoor Center became a game-changer for Thetford Academy’s Climate Alliance group (TACA), with resources ranging from workshops, adults to reach out to, and a deeper understanding of the scaffolding needed to put our ambitious plans in place. 

For this semester’s TA Climate Alliance update, we want to clue you in on our main project. What we were able to flesh out during the Hulbert retreat is all about farm-to-table TA! We believe that having a connection with the food that you are eating is so important, rather than simply leaving it to the farms in California. On top of that, we want to improve and diversify the vegetarian options at TA’s cafe and ensure no students’ needs are left to fall through the cracks in our school meals program.

YCLA (Youth Climate Leadership Academy) has helped TACA so much to understand how to better benefit the planet, and everyone who is reading this article right now. With all of our new knowledge and enthusiasm, TACA is going to work hard to improve student life on this campus however we can. There are many ways to help and we encourage anyone interested in joining us to reach out to learn more. 

Despite all of the fear, mistrust, and dread that can surround the topic of climate change, TACA and so many young people all over the world are working with small projects, in small steps, to do our part to make positive change for our precious planet.



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