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TA Robotics: String Theory Team On Top!

TA robotics is having another good year, with competitive middle school and high school teams earning accolades at VT/NH meets. The recent competition in Belmont, New Hampshire on Jan. 13 featured an exceptional performance by one of the TA groups. 

The team known as ‘String Theory 4886S’, including Aden Perry ‘24, Connor Kutter-Walker ‘26, and Duncan MacPhee ‘27, went undefeated through the qualification and elimination rounds and earned the title of Tournament Champions. In addition they won the Robot Skills competition and garnered the coveted Excellence Award for their overall dominance and well-documented engineering process.

TA Robotics Coach Leif LaWhite exclaims: “First as a parent and now as coach, I have been to over 50 robotics competitions, and never had I seen a robot team have a perfect day – until yesterday at the Belmont Bot Bash!” 

Congratulations to Aden, Connor, and Duncan for their trifecta win last Saturday and their overall top-ranking in the league. Their coaches praise them for their “teamwork, focus, practice, and the huge amount of time they devote to their craft.”

All of the TA robotics teams are gearing up for the final regular meet of the season on Feb. 3 at Coe Brown Academy, with an eye toward the NH/VT State Championships on Feb. 17 in Manchester, NH. Go, Panthers!



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