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December Student of the Month: Anabel Reining

When our December Student of the Month found herself at challenging spots both in Mrs. Barton’s Economics class and in World History with Kelly Welsh, she demonstrated the grit and determination necessary to succeed. “Many students hit dead ends shortly after they begin their research papers,” Kelly explained, “and many others start a paper with great promise only to later run out of the time and energy needed to revise and improve their work. Anabel Reining doubled down and persevered.” The result was one of the very best papers her teacher has ever received.

In Economics, Anabel’s steadfast and methodical approach led her to dig in, doing the hard work necessary to make sense out of concepts that had once confounded her. This tenacity included asking questions during class lectures, where she is always engaged, to ensure or better her understanding.

Anabel’s French and English teachers report that she is an exceptionally strong writer and brings a keen analytical mind, original perspective, and hungry curiosity to the task. In English 10 she constructed poems, vignettes, and essays that made sharp insights by pointing to the little things in life—all with a minimum of words.

While Anabel is admired for her intellect, Madame Heinzmann notes that she “adores her for her presence in class. In her quiet way, she makes sure everyone is included, with no expectation of reward or recognition for herself. She is kind to others, all the time. Her sincerity, generosity and intellect shine through every single second of every day, and she makes class better for everyone, including the teacher.”

TA is enriched by Anabel’s contributions in the classroom, as a leader in student government, and as a diligent member of the cross-country and track teams. Congratulations to Anabel Reining, Thetford Academy’s December 2017 Student of the Month.



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