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January Student of the Month: Hannah Young

The January 2018 Student of the Month is a confident and talented Panther who possesses a strong voice, both as a writer and a visual artist. This may seem incongruous with this quiet, unassuming student, unless you are one of her many friends gathered daily around the table in the art room passionately discussing things like dense plot lines and detailed depictions of dragons. Drawing and writing about dragons and mythical worlds are just two of Hannah Young’s passions. Having taught her as an artist since her seventh grade year, I know Hannah standsout especially as a highly skilled draughtsman, creating gorgeous artwork that just shimmers. And she’s an incredibly kindhearted person!

Her English teacher, Mr. Deffner, has also experienced Hannah as a talented creative student. He writes, “I have found her to be kind, understanding, quiet, curious, and intelligent. Above all, she is that rare student who already knows what she wants to do with her life; she wants to be a writer.” He continues, “Even as a seventh grader, her writing stood out. She wrote wonderful, layered stories with surprise endings. She wrote passionately against censorship and the banning of books: ‘Books help us become knowledgeable, imaginative, and better people!’’’

Regarding the performing arts, Mr. Mellinger writes, “Hannah has been in the band program for six years now. She originally played the flute with me and is now playing the piano. She has developed into a fine player and has a very open mind about playing all styles of music. She works very well as an independent learner and is also able to incorporate her instrument into the overall sound of the band.”

Hannah shines in science and mathematics as well. Her math teacher, Ms. Deibler, says, “Hannah is a motivated and curious learner. She puts her best foot forward each and every day. Always ready to lend a hand to her classmates, Hannah is a caring and supportive classmate. She asks questions when needed, but only after working through all her resources individually. She is a kind and caring Panther.”

Mr Burkins adds, “Hannah is one of the kindest, calmest, conscientious, and caring students I know, and it has been a joy to get to know her over the last couple of years. I am continually impressed with her beautiful art work, as well as the rest of her work both in science and mathematics. She is a wonderful person to have in our TA community of students.”

Hannah is a part of what makes our TA community wonderful. She is the type of student every teacher loves to have in class: skilled, engaged, curious, kind and generous to her peers.

Well done, Hannah. Congratulations on being chosen as the Thetford Academy January 2018 Student of the Month!




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