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February Student of the Month: Abby Berard

February’s Student of the Month embodies so many of the qualities that we value at TA.  She is a conscientious student, unflappable in her kindness and positive attitude, a loyal friend; and she contributes to our community in many ways.  In addition, this junior is that rare person who works hard to benefit her community without any expectation of recognition or reward.

In her role as a student council representative, Abby Berard can be relied upon to volunteer her time and efforts behind the scenes; and at each meeting, she listens carefully to others before deciding on the issues. These qualities show up in the classroom as well. Always engaged, Abby might not always lead a class discussion, but when she chimes in, you know that her perspective is informed by considering the viewpoints of others.

This openness to feedback helped Abby last semester when writing her history paper on the positive developments in nursing that came out of the world wars. There were times when Abby encountered serious obstacles, but she continuously sought suggestions, and worked hard to revise her work so that the final product represented her best efforts.

Abby is known as a quiet fighter all around. In yoga class last semester, Abby always found a way to participate despite some physical setbacks that temporarily limited her movement. As always, she persevered.

If you have worked with Abby, then you have felt her positive energy and enthusiasm. In painting class last year she shined as a wonderful artist; in English class she brings joy to her theater performances and expresses awe for the literature she loves; in soccer, basketball, and track, she is a risk-taker; as a Student Ambassador she welcomes prospective students and parents alike; and in the words of Ms. Chambers, “She is not too cool to be good to her siblings.”

Abby is a young person who demonstrates true character and determination.

Congratulations to Abigail Berard, Thetford Academy’s February 2018 Student of the Month.



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