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Thetford Historical Society’s 2018 Spring Lecture Series

As Old As The Hills: Timeless Topics for Thursday Evenings

April 12: Metaphorically Speaking- Ryan McKeon of Dartmouth’s Geography Department leads us through the processes of land formation, mountain building, and important local minerals, including slate, copper and lead. Martha Jane Rich Theater, Thetford Academy

April 19: Beware of Ice!- Glaciers! Up to one mile thick!! Right there!!! Stephen Wright, UVM Geologist, explains where they came from, what they did, how and why they receded, and why they left behind. United Church of North Thetford

April 26: Oh, Well…- Water, water everywhere… Jon Kim of the Vermont Geological Survey discusses aquifers – origins, mapping, contaminants, and protection efforts. Bring your drinking water questions! Thetford Elementary School Cafeteria

May 3: The Last Dam Program-Construction of the Union Village Dam reshaped the land to control the flow of water. Heather Morse, Army Corps of Engineers, presents a history of the Dam and its role in the flood control of the region. Union Village Church Hall (school house)


All programs are free and open to the public.

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