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June Student of the Month: Ian Barker

June’s Student of the Month is a senior who produces excellent work, assignment after assignment. He is not just about getting the work done; he is about depth, substance, and often clever humor. He does not call attention to himself if his double-meanings or subtle jokes go unnoticed, but he certainly lets out a smile when individuals take notice. He is a true scholar who seeks feedback and views setbacks as an opportunity to improve. He stretches himself intellectually and will try something even though it may be difficult.

The first time Ms. Chambers saw this young man, she was very impressed by his presence and courage as he was introducing himself to our school community at an assembly here at TA. Later she got to know him as a student in her class, and also while hiking Moosilauke this year with the rest of the senior class.

Ms. Silver, Ian Barker’s English teacher during his sophomore year, and one of his track coaches for three of his high school years, attests to Ian’s strong character and impressive work ethic. He is a high-level student who produces excellent work. He completed French 2 independently over the summer of his sophomore year, which speaks to his motivation, strengths as an independent learner, organization, and willingness to work hard.

As a senior, he took an art class for the first time last fall, and really excelled at both drawing and ceramics, which made his teacher wish Ian had taken art much earlier in his high school career! While on display in the hallway, his detailed drawing of Mr. T generated many compliments—as well as more than once the phrase, “I pity the fool!” This sense of humor, combined with acute attention to detail, makes Ian’s work stand out.

In calculus, Ian often emerged as a leader for his (sometimes reluctant) group. His perseverance through even the hardest problems, especially optimization, was impressive. His commitment to high academic standards was apparent, striving to always receive the highest grades on assignments and tests. He is exactly the type of student for whom teachers hope.

Ian Barker has been a valuable member of the Student Ambassador team at Thetford Academy for almost his entire career at TA. Ian is delightful in his role, and his ability to talk with others—and as importantly his ability to listen to others–is a real plus. His warm and welcoming manner puts even the shyest guest at ease. Let’s also not forget his slightly quirky and original sense of humor, which he is always ready to share.

In short, Ian is one of the nicest people you’ll meet at TA. He has a ready smile and a kind word for all. He works his hardest and is willing to put in the time, both inside and outside the class, to succeed. Congratulations to Ian Barker, Thetford Academy’s June 2018 Student of the Month.



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