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TA Creative Writing Class Hosts Poetry Slam

Eighteen poets performed at TA’s Poetry Slam to a packed theater this past Friday morning, while four student judges sat in the audience, ready to hold up score cards. Emily Silver’s Creative Writing class hosted the event, while Poet-in-Residence Geof Hewitt was the ever-entertaining MC. 

Congrats to the brave souls who performed: Michael Adams-Lindberg, Samara Spelman, Ellen Veracka, Grace Davis, Jacob Slaughter, Jordan Smith, Chris Sanso, Alexis Gaetz, Gavin Slider, Alden Nichols, Kiana Johnson, John Longshaw, Skyra Coulter, Scott Ellis, Marc Chabot, William Bosco, William Bugg, and Eloise Silver Van Meter. Chris Sanso came out on top of the scoring, winning the prize of a kazoo, while William Bugg, Marc Chabot, and Eloise Silver Van Meter followed closely behind.

Thank you to Mr. Mellinger’s instrumental students for performing at the event, and to the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation for supporting, once again, Mr. Hewitt’s week-long work with the Creative Class.



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