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Thetford Geo Bee Celebrates TA Bicentennial

The Thetford Historical Society’s Geography Bee celebrated TA’s Bicentennial this year by focusing the contest on TA and Thetford town history.

It was a tough field – eight teams sparred in the adult division and five in the youth division, answering questions that might stump event the most dedicated Thetford historian. For example, do you know…

Which school year did the TA boys varsity soccer team and the boys varsity basketball team both win State Division III championships? A) 1934-35 B) 1962-63 C) 1986-87 or D) 1993-94

Which of the following buildings have NEVER hosted a public school classroom? A) Eclipse Grange B) Thetford Congregational Church C) Thetford Volunteer Fire Department or D) Baker’s Store

The competition was fierce in both divisions, but in the end, team “Two Bad Puns and an Eye Roll” (Charlie Buttrey, Dean Whitlock, and Tate Buttrey ’13) prevailed on the adult side and team “Boston Alley Cats” (Gideon Temple, Lily Terry, Louise Downey) took first place in the junior division.

Faculty member Joe Deffner teamed up with Andy Boyce and Tim Briglin on team “Asa Bas-a Burton” to tie for second place with the “Perfecta Trifecta” (Katie Milligan, Jill Brooker, and Sarah Martel). Second place in the junior division went to “The People” (Emmett Terry, David Thaxton, and Maggie Mickovitz).

Big thanks to the Thetford Historical Society — especially Martha Howard (who organized the event) and Steve Niederhauser (who wrote most of the questions) — for all their work on another great community event.



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