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December Student of the Month: Tyler Wojcik

Those in the course Sports and Society have created a new verb: “to Barnsdale.” It means to put 110% effort into a fictional story—because that’s just what our December Student of the Month did as Taxpayer #1 in a town meeting for the fictional municipality of Barnsdale. Yes, Tyler Wojcik is this month’s honoree!

Recurring themes when it comes to this kind-hearted junior are his earnestness and his appreciation for the learning process. Mrs. Barton praises Tyler’s “genuine love of history and desire to understand decisions, events, and people of the past. Although quiet and humble,” she explains, “he was an enthusiastic student each and every day in U.S. History to 1900. He wrote a wonderful paper highlighting the influence of Frederick Douglass, challenging himself to use a variety of great resources.”

A few weeks into English 10 last spring, Ms. Silver asked him if he’d always been this good of a student. He answered, “No, I decided that this year I wanted to do very well.” And that he did! His performance of Romeo’s final soliloquy, which he memorized and delivered so convincingly that it made Shakespeare’s language feel fresh, wowed the class, as Tyler spoke to his love, Juliet, played by his grey sweatshirt laid out on a desk. And while he has not taken Ms. Silver’s advice to take a drama class, he has agreed to come perform for next semester’s English 10 class.

In Spanish, Tyler, or rather “Javier,” recently impressed with his charismatic recitation of a long poem by the famed Pablo Neruda—and he was even brave enough to recite it at Hanover High School’s poetry event! Señora Brettell notes that Javier shows intention and delight in learning by making a strong effort to stay in the target language, and that “His buddies have entertained us (sometimes to a knotted-belly level) with their cleverly written Spanish skits.”

While continuing to meet his commitment to top level scholarship, Tyler has taken the risk of trying something new this year. He has joined the Lifting Club! And according to Coach Darrin Clement, he is one of the most dedicated members: “He is eager to learn, stays focused while having fun, and thoughtfully completes all the written homework assignments.”

Tyler’s accomplishments since committing to higher-level studenthood also include, according to Mr. Whitaker, developing impeccable tree identification skills and crafting a very impressive book on all of the moons in our solar system. What Mr. Whitaker also enjoys are Tyler’s games of “hat golf” in the Annex before school and his knowledge of Beatles albums!

Congratulations to Thetford Academy’s December Student of the Month, a young man who is always positive, polite, sensitive, and fun-loving: Tyler Wojcik.



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