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January 2019 Student of the Month: Maeve Curtin ’19

Every morning, when most TA students are stealing that last five minutes of sleep, this intrepid member of our bicentennial class has already been on the road for an hour, proving each day that it’s possible to commute to Thetford from almost Canada and to be an incredibly successful student.  And we’re grateful that she chose us.  Her positive outlook, her intellect, her great sense of humor and her tremendous work ethic make Maeve Curtin a special panther and a valued member of our senior class.

Maeve’s conscientious approach to everything she does makes her a joy to teach.  In every class, Maeve helps to move the conversation along with her great questions and observations.  In World History, Maeve was quick to spot the connections between our curriculum, other disciplines and current events.  Mr. Deffner explains that in Senior English, “Her contributions to class discussions had a way of elevating the discourse and her honesty in those discussions was refreshing.  Her ability to speak hard truths with a smile on her face will serve her well beyond TA.” 

Ms. Silver recalls that in Human Nature, Maeve took her own methodical approach to writing her essays; for each assignment, she figured out what layers of preparation she needed to execute in order to write a strong first draft. 

Madame Heinzmann continues, “Over three semester-long, block-scheduled courses, Maeve Curtin has impressed as a conscientious and hardworking student. She is detail-oriented and well organized. My first memory of her as a French III student her junior fall was watching her pull out a study guide she’d made for the class; she’d used at least three different highlighters and multiple pens. Twelve months as her teacher have reinforced my initial impression of a student characterized by her love of order, willingness to engage with the material, and work ethic.”

Her teachers all note that Maeve is incredibly thoughtful– as Ms. Dedam explains – “both intellectually, and perhaps more importantly, when it comes to her interactions with other people.  She was always positive and encouraging to others and treated everyone with kindness and respect.  Her open and accepting attitude helped to create a culture of inclusivity and promoted at team approach to learning.”

 Rebecca Walter says, “Maeve is thoughtful, fun, has a great sense of humor, and is clear about who she is.”  It’s impossible to imagine the Mr. TA Pageant without Maeve’s contributions both on stage and behind the scenes.  She cheerfully takes on notoriously thankless tasks such as assigning contestants to escorts and quieting spats about dress length and color.  Kate Owen observes, Maeve is wonderful because she’s “good hearted with a dash of ninja sass.” 

For this, and many other reasons, we’re pleased to honor Maeve Curtin as our January 2019 Student of the Month.



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