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April Student of the Month: Elle Dixon ’20

We are delighted to recognize the Thetford Academy Student of the Month for April 2019, Elle Dixon.  Here’s what some teachers say about Elle: 

From Kelly Welsh:

Elle is a joy to teach. Even in an A block history class, when most teen brains are still under the influence of sleep hormones, Elle is a leader. She is curious about the world and eager to share her questions and insights. She elevates class discussion and challenges her classmates to think more deeply. In addition, she challenges herself by taking World History for honors credit, and takes advantage of opportunities to revise and improve her written work.  She is hard working and unfailingly kind to all. Students like Elle make my job a pleasure. 

Karyn Neubauer says:

She is always friendly and kind. It’s an attitude that contributes to making the class a positive experience for all. Elle is a great choice!

Mr Burkins comments: 
Elle brings an abundance of positive energy to everything she does, whether she is skiing, working in a science lab, playing ukelele, or just generally running around talking with everyone.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and helps brighten our daily community here at TA.  Elle’s experience as an outside science researcher has allowed her to become a leader in our science classes and has benefitted everyone who works with her.

From Mr. Luce:  I have had the pleasure of being Elle’s advisor and having her in our Musical Theater class. Elle has been very welcoming to this new teacher at TA, and Mr. Mellinger and I both love her enthusiasm for all things music- related. She is willing to step into any role.

Additionally, as a result of Elle’s study of herbal remedies and their effectiveness for treating parasitic worm infections, she was honored to be chosen to present her research project at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s annual meeting in Washington DC this winter.

Congratulations, Elle Dixon,Thetford Academy’s Student of the Month for April 2019!



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