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8th Grade English Students Chart Life’s Journey

As part of a personal essay unit, Mr. Chapin’s English 8 class created “Life’s Journey Maps.” In this project, students illustrate important experiences in their lives and then reflect on their meaning in writing. This year’s work is now on display in the lower hall of the White Building.

When asked to reflect on the project, students shared how the “continuous road,” the required one inch road that traversed all of the students’ maps, was a reminder of the connections and similarities among their classmates lives. “Some roads were plain and simple, others were complex and unique in a way. One road could be gray cobblestone while the one next to it could be a rainbow,” shared one student. “Even though they were different, they were still connected.”

Another student wrote: “To me, the [continuous] road represents the fact that even though all of our stories are different from one another, we’re all in this together. We all are different, and our different roads reflect that in each person…yet, we all have started from the same spot, and we all are going to end in the same spot. Birth and death. We are all connected in the fact that we are all humans. People on this planet, going through all of our own lives our own way.”



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