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Student of the Month: Tim Gray

January’s Student of the Month takes his responsibilities seriously. Never before has Ms. Silver had an advisee who checks in with her if he will be absent to see if there is any advisory-related work he should take care of ahead of time.

Whether he is motivated by the desire to excel, or by the knowledge that high marks keep his car insurance rates down, senior Tim Gray puts in the time to make his work reflect his best effort. In English 10 last year with Kelly Welsh, Tim’s anthology was “a work of art,” and in all his classes, Tim is an enthusiastic learner who is quick to ask questions in an attempt to fully understand concepts and to plan ahead. In English at Work his essays revealed a depth of critical thinking with excellent selections of text referenced. Mature enough to seek help when he needs it, Tim can often be found seeking coaching from librarian Kate Owen.

Tim’s diplomatic and personable manner benefits everyone in his classes. He speaks respectfully and with direct eye contact. He inquires about the rationale for assignments, makes suggestions for class practices, and contributes to discussions in a lively way.

Anyone who knows Tim knows that his auto mechanic experience is a big part of who he is. Instructor Mr. Hildebrandt at Riverbend noted that Tim arrived with a natural interest in working on anything mechanical and the ambition to be successful. He has developed into a young mechanic who figures out complicated solutions on his own. In fact, Tim took it upon himself to secure a co-op working at Veracka’s Garage in Lyme.

Mr. Hildebrant concluded his lauding of Tim by recalling one Friday night when he received an email from a student wondering what auto modules he would need to get done the next week while he was busy at his co-op. “What kid emails on a Friday night about school work?” Mr. H asked himself. “Tim, of course!”

We are proud to recognize a young man who is good humored, straight forward, and does what he says he’ll do: Timothy Gray, the Thetford Academy January 2020 Student of the Month.



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