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Self Care Resources for Remote TA, volume 4

Hi, Panthers,

I don’t know about you, but I am grateful that the weather is feeling spring-like (at least on some days) and that we live in a beautiful place with lots of outdoor spaces for hiking, running, walking, etc. It makes this whole “stay at home thing” a little more tolerable. Are you getting outside, too?

Here is this week’s installment of resources. If you’ve found other awesome sites or things to do, let Rebecca know! ( ‘at’

Cool Things to do Online:

Mental Health Resources:

Self-Care Suggestions:

  • Call a friend or family member
    • It’s more important than ever to maintain our social connections with others.
  • Learn a skill you’ve always wanted to
    • Try Duolingo for foreign languages, pick up that musical instrument that’s been lying around your house, or learn photography.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for a friend
    • Pick an agree-upon location. One of you hides clues and sets up a treasure hunt. The other goes to the same place later and follows the clues.
  • Take a hike
    • Lots of Vermont trails are still open – explore a trail near your house you’ve never been to, or revisit one you love.

Health Office Resources

  • The School Nurse, Sue Farrell, is available during the school week for questions of any kind, especially if you need guidance or help with issues related to the virus.  Email her at [email protected]
  • Here is a good overview of the new recommendation by the CDC that we use face masks when leaving home. It includes directions on sewing a mask as well as a no-sew method. 

We continue to miss our Panthers, and hope you are all well and healthy.

Be well,

The SST Team: Siobhan, Mark, Rebecca, Kara, Deb, and Sue



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