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Letters to Seniors: Becky Sarazin

Dear Thetford Academy Senior Class,

To say that the final months of your senior year have been a whirlwind, is an understatement. It certainly is not the way I expected it to end for any of us-but here we are.

I wasn’t sure how to write this letter and what really to say to all of you. I cannot imagine what you are all feeling and thinking. You missed out on things like prom. Your final year of sports for the athletes. Missing your senior trip. All of these things you look forward to as a younger student, gone.

Here is what you didn’t lose-memories. Remember screaming at homecoming: ”I believe that we will win”. Remember State Championships. Remember bus rides to Tech. Remember all the Founder’s Days and the ridiculous skits, songs, and costumes. Robotic tournaments. Mr TA.  From favorite classes, to even the least favorite. Remember the BBQ the seniors have on the final prep day, where the music blasts out of someone’s truck and everyone is together. Remember how hot the library gets? Remember to bring your own water bottle! Remember Senior Hill? All the lunches you may have eaten up there with friends… Remember to take your hat off during assembly. Remember the dress code?

The point is guys, that even though the situation right now is not what we want, you still have memories that will always let you reflect on the good times you had during your senior year at TA. You have all worked hard these past months to maintain and get through. You should be incredibly proud of yourselves. I know that I and the other teachers at TA are. 

I wish you all the best in your future, whether going into the job force, going to college or going into the military. You will each be successful in your own way and should take pride in the fact that your graduation year will be one for the history books! I hope to see some of you around the community–from six feet away, of course.

Good luck, and Congratulations,

Becky Sarazin

Thetford Academy Class of 2000



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