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Class of 2020 Awards and Scholarships

Every year, Thetford Academy awards a slate of scholarships to its graduating seniors. These scholarships are funded by alumni and community supporters of TA and in many cases, have been awarded to generations of deserving students. We are proud to announce this year’s recipients of the following scholarships and awards:

Vermont Honors Scholarship: Eamon Thomas Deffner

Frank & Emily Barker Traditions Award: Eamon Thomas Deffner

Andy Cloud Scholarship: Ellen Agnes Veracka

Thetford Academy Alumni Association Awards: Brittney Carol Clifford, Jade Ellen Jamieson, Bethany Madison Maxfield, John Wayne Moore, Nathaniel James O’Donnell

Robert L. Bacon Scholarship: Jason Michael Wolstenholme

Dora S. Bacon Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Waterbury Moore

Robert L. Huggett Scholarship: Emma Colleen Thorburn

Elizabeth Davis Olsen Scholarship: John James Longshaw

Thetford Center Community Association Scholarship: Vincent Ignacio Levey 

Abbie Bond Scholarship: Hannah Elizabeth Clough, Ryan Thomas Pepe

Hattie Root Memorial Fund Scholarship: Tyler Allen Wojcik

Webster Keefe Scholarship: Destiny Faith Miller

“Gram” Paige Memorial Scholarships: Morgan Elizabeth Busby, Bethany Madison Maxfield

Lewis, Linton, Tullar & Varney Scholarship: Thomas Abbott Darrah

Frank A. Ross Memorial Scholarship: Louisa Sharon Pyle

Post Mills Ladies Benefit Society Scholarship: Elizabeth Louise Dixon

Town of Thetford Scholarship: Sophia Antoinette Williams

Greg Varney Scholarship: Elizabeth Louise Dixon

Alvirda Farmer, Ph.D., Scholarship: Eamon Thomas Deffner

Annie Godfrey Memorial Scholarship: Hanna Joy Blankenship

West Family Scholarship: Lillian Sims Milligan MacVeagh

Donald LaPierre Memorial Award: Alexis Rose Gaetz, Dylan Michael Kuban

Michael Shoob & Judy Yocom Scholarship: Jahirah Jobe Thurber

Fredrick Porter Howard Award: Olivia Paige Limlaw

Carl & Virginia Anderson Scholarship: Katherine Cameron Milligan MacVeagh

Orcutt Scholarship: Morgan Elizabeth Busby

Dell Betts Scholarship: Arwen Grace Yung Clayton

Mildred & James Doyle Scholarship: Aidan Waterbury Moore

Della Smith Educational Scholarship: Tyler Allen Wojcik

Josephine Keefe Scholarship: Emily Ryan Trage

Latham Library Scholarship: Morgan Elizabeth Busby, Grace Louise Davis, Frank David Loveland, Emily Ryan Trage, Tyler Allen Wojcik, Jason Michael Wolstenholme

William “Bill” Stevens Riley Education Grant: Ryan Thomas Pepe

Connor Cook Education Award: Hanna Joy Blankenship

Watch the full scholarship and awards ceremony below.



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