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Memory Tree Honors TA’s Loved Ones

Every year as the holidays approach, the Thetford Academy Alumni Association lights a “memory tree” in front of the White Building. Each bulb represents a lost loved one remembered by their fellow alumni, friends, neighbors, and family. This year, TAAA added a red string of lights on the tree for in memory of the lives lost to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please join us in celebrating the lives of:

Al & Alice Paige
Bill Guyer
Gerald Wilson
Marion Wilson
Johnnie Fitzgerald ’29
Jean Tilden Bushway ’59
John E. Beede, Jr. ’57
Karl Tilden ’56
Bobby Huggett ’58
Betty Tilden Blain ’46
Bud Bushway ’58
Rick Fifield
Everett Fifield Sr.
Evelyn Fifield
Everett Fifield Jr.
Scarlett Chesley Dube
Ruth Doyle Waterbury
Thomas Eaton
William Goodrich
Roland Hanchett
Everett Hosmer
Pauline Kendall Picknell
John LaMountain
Gerard Robinson
Rose Strout
James Thorburn
Richard Uline
Loren Bacon
Val Webb Crowley
Everett George
Jeremy Godfrey
Helen Higgins Godfrey
Carol Bacon
Robert Bacon
Warren Bacon
Lucy Davis Miller
Kathy Bacon Donnelly
Betty Olsen
Roger Vaughan
Russell Smith
Andrew Berry
Russell Wing
Jeremy Godfrey
Jack Sweet
Janet Bacon Maclay
Roddy Maclay Jr
Duane “Joe” Cook
Virginia Stanley Cook
Evan Lee Rowell
Pearl Johnson
Rita Blake
Richard D. Johnson
Maynard Ilsley
Helen Ilsley
Enoch Hill
Susan Ilsley
Bernard Ilsley
Douglas Piper-2 bulbs
Ross Duston Whitlock C’2005
Robert Ladd
Pat Fifield
Gladys Boyd
Bernard Fifield
Merton Boyd
Dorothy Bacon
Elwood Bacon
Carol Bacon
Glen Fifield
Rose Fifield
Deceased Class Members
of C’ 1980
Evan Rowell
Troy Gray
John Beede
Jeffrey Fifield
Doug Piper
Derek “Rick” Fifield
Kathy & Chris Quinn
William & Marjorie Steel
Kathleen & Gerald Cole
Becki Steel
Jerry Bergdorf
Janet & Alan Cole
Helen Higgins Godfrey
Alice Higgins Metcalf
Josephine Barker
Lillian Barker
Arthur Barker
Doug Piper
Zillah & Thomas Brooke
Ruth Wight
Herman Wight
Leslie Wight
Della Smith
Walter Smith
Russell Smith
Norma Clark
Arthur LaPierre
Donald LaPierre
Mary Lou Dunkling Barrell
Ruel Barrett
Valerie Webb Crowley
Helen Sawyer
2020 Pandemic
Bob & Harriet Atkins
Mark Avery
Doug Piper
Blayne Hill
Charan Burford
Jean Burford
Don Burford
John Jacobs
Milly Rebhun
Lenny Rebhun
Cindy Kelly
Jim Bronson
Donna Teruko
Don Dickey
Connor Cook
Norman Jacobs
Eleanor Bronson Pyle
Janet Tilden
Norm Leuning
Susie Gillis
Kay Faust
Kirsten Gelbach
Warren Pyle
Charkes Bocage
Earl “John” Beede Jr
Troy Gray
Marie Wurtz
Warren Wurtz
Earl LaMountain
Rita LaMountain
John LaMountain
Sylvia Nelson Palmer
Jean Palmer Young
David B Palmer
Gardner Palmer
Marley May Sirjane
Mike Batchelder
Connor Cook
Arthur Bacon
Marion Bacon
Elizabeth Guy Ryan
Mary Beth Hartson Ryan McCall
Della Smith
Walter Smith
Russell Smith
Josephine Godfrey Clay
Ernest E Clay
Wesley E Clay
Edward F Clay
Jay Smoker
Esther Smoker
Art Smoker
Irene Martin
John Martin
Dad, Boppa
Mom, Dinny
Jeff Scherzer
Alfred C. Robinson
Carrie Bacon Robinson
Mike Batchelder
Elspeth P. Eaton
Russell B. Eaton
Ray Willey
Katharine Eaton
Russell J. Eaton
Robert L. Bacon
Charlie Latham
Flo Peet
Janice G Robinson
Larry Robinson
Donald Hutchins
Rita Guay
Arthur (Sonny) Macy
Wayne Tucker
Francis Bushee
Edythe Spear
Frank Spear
C. W. Gray
Beulah Gray
Ulderic H. Dion
Bernadette Dion
Sylvia Palmer
Frederick Thompson
Claudette (Ginger) Williams
Roger Williams
Eugene Torrey
Troy Gray
Robert Dion
Jo Whitaker Engberg ’46
Howard Whitaker ’51
Gerald Whitaker ’51
J. Norman Jollota ’48
Ernest Stone
Helen M Stone
Elaine Hodge
Duane Stone
Sandi Partington
Howard Dresser
Betty Dresser
Doreen Dresser
Daryl Dresser
Kathy Dresser
Dave Bucci
Jean Godfrey
Bernard Godfrey
Robert Doyle
Frederick P Howard
Richard C Howard
Sheila C Clark



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We value initiative, courage and dedication. We take personal responsibility for the goals we set and work hard to achieve them.


We work and learn together. We see teachers as coaches, students as team members, families as partners, and learning as practice and action.


We provide individuals with personalized support and guidance. We care about each other and the larger community.


We respect differences among people. We welcome the contribution of varied perspectives to a rich and flexible school culture.