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Head of School Weekly Email: Founders’ Day Fun & New Schedule

Dear TA Families & Students,

We had a blast this week. While we couldn’t do all of the Founders’ Day activities and traditions of a normal year, we did our best to adapt and innovate. (Boy, we are all getting good at this adapting thing – even if we are tired of it!) Thanks to the many students who contributed their energy, creativity, and follow-through on the various projects and competitions, from snowshoe races and obstacle courses to sculptures, skits and fashion design.

Check out some of the fun here:

This week was also a ‘soft launch’ for 2nd semester and next week is the real deal. We begin our new schedule on Monday, with synchronous classes convening on pod days – not just on Wednesdays. In order to help us all be successful, please do your part with these 3 key details:

  • Understand the new schedule: Starting on Monday, there will be a new structure added to the pod days, with A block classes on Monday morning, B block classes on Tuesday morning, C block classes on Thursday afternoon, and D block classes on Friday afternoon. All students are required to attend these classes (remotely in February) – this is an expectation for all students, including those learning here on campus in a pod as well as those who are learning from home. We know change can be complicated and confusing sometimes – and ask everyone to review the new schedule carefully and seek guidance from pod leaders as needed. LINK to new schedule.
  • Come prepared with a set of headphones: Many students purchased or checked out headphones back in early September, or had a pair of their own already. These will be essential now during the school day. The library will be selling ($15) and checking out headphones again next week. Come to the library between 9-9:30am and 2-2:30pm to get a pair.
  • Return books and materials: High school students must have all books and materials from their fall classes returned to the gym mezzanine on Monday. Remote students can come to campus between 8am-3pm on Monday; report directly to the Anderson building and go through the cafe to the mezzanine. The area will be staffed and you will check in there. Students who are on campus will coordinate a time with their pod leader.

Bundle up and have a great weekend,

Carrie Brennan, Head of School




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