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TA Recognizes 2020-2021 Honor Students in Annual Honors Celebration

9th Grade Honor Students

9th Grade Honor Students, Photo courtesy of Dan Grossman.

Every year, TA recognizes the hard work of its honor students with a festive spring celebration. The TA Honors Celebration has long been hosted in the Vaughan Alumni Gymnasium, transformed into a banquet hall for the occasion. Students gather with peers, parents, grandparents, faculty, and staff for a catered dinner and presentations, including the now-TA traditional “Speak Chorus.”

Like many traditions at TA, during Covid, the Honors event required some adaptation. Last year, Covid necessitated a virtual, prerecorded recognition focusing on honorees in the graduating senior class. But this year, with loosened restrictions, TA was excited to be able bring students together again–in person–for an outdoor, socially-distanced pizza party on TA’s campus. The event was live-streamed for families and friends.

Though it was not yet time for the speak chorus to return, the tradition of incorporating student voices into the event remained. This year, students were asked to submit responses to the prompt “the work we do,” and their words–submitted via both writing and recordings–were shared in a video presentation. One of TA’s longest-serving and most generous volunteers, Dan Grossman, reprised his role as event photographer. Dan’s photos of the 2021 TA Honors Celebration can be found here.

Please join us in congratulating TA’s hardworking and talented 2021 Honor Students.

To qualify for the annual Honors Celebration, students have to achieve High Honors at least once in the preceding four quarters, including the fourth quarter of the preceding year, and achieve Honors in all remaining quarters. For a first-year TA student, qualification is based on grades in the first three quarters of the current year. Honors is determined by quarter grades at the end of each quarter. Honor Roll students may receive no grades below B-, and they must be enrolled as full-time students. High Honors: 3.6 G.P.A. or higher    |   Honors: 3.2 – 3.59 G.P.A.

Class of 2021


Carter Banks*

Emma Berard*

Logan Brinkman*

Riley Burkins*

Kayla Busby

Emma Colby*

Cody Corcoran

Elizabeth Fisher

Lucas Gilman*

Layla Hanissian*

Jack Hastings*

Geneva Horster*

Knute Linehan

Caleb MacNeil

Seraphyn Payne

Emilia Perry*

Nattilie Sanso

Kelsey Smith

Zia Smith*

Samara Spelman*

Eloise Van Meter

Shelby Varley

Emily Vaughan*

Rebecca Wells

*Seniors with an asterisk qualified for the Honors Celebration each of the years they were eligible.

Class of 2022


Benjamin Acker

Kiran Black

Samuel Bosco

Mackin Briglin

Tobin Durham

Taylor Farrell

Hunter Harris

Madison Hatch

Anna Hebb

Autumn Horniak

Elliott Jones

Seunggyu (Alex) Kim

Gretta Koppers

Mason Lefevre

Ryan Malloy

Ethan Marshia

Connor Mazzarella

Jack McCabe

Rose Novotny

Liam Patterson

Madison Powers

Gordon Reo

Maddy Rooney

Olivia Sayers

Jessica Smith

Macey Smith

Brennan Vaughan

Katherine Waterman

Lily Welch

Tate Whiteberg

Daniel Wolstenholme

Class of 2023


Thomas Berecz

Porter Burkins

Ariana Cooney

Quinn Corcoran

Avery Crandall

Eldon Crossett

Shisi (Cissy) Dai

Kathleen Darrah

Abigail Dixon

Madelyn Durkee

Abigail Egner

Michael Fernandez

Jacob Gilman

Olivia Hastings

Addyson Holzer

Katelyn Johnson

Isaiah Kol

Maxwell Leibon

Marshall Melancon

Madison Mousley

Jada Rich

Luca Trage

Class of 2024


Mary Bosco

Charlize Brown

Addison Cadwell

Leo Downey

Mason Fahey

Nathan Harris

Anne Hesser

Finn Liland

Cecilia Luce

Daniel Markwood

Benjamin Mattern

Ella Maxwell

Layne Mullen

Shannon O’Donnell

Aden Perry

Wyatt Riemer

Larry Robinson

Margaret Smallwood

Madeleine Thaxton

Mary Veracka

Class of 2025


Wyatt Cadwell

Ty Christensen

Anna Dixon

Maya Dixon

Boone Fahey

Madisyn Freeman

Connor Gaine

Ulysses Junker-Boyce

Miguel Kutter-Walker

Piper Leibon

Dempsey McGovern

Evan Patterson

Bianca Pulaski

Oscar Reo

Garrett Spelman

Elizabeth Waterman

Caroline Watts

Andre Whiteberg

Class of 2026


Madison Balch

Liam Brooks

Henley Cook

Sam Kraemer

Connor Kutter-Walker

Daniel Mann

Xander Oshoniyi

Emmett Terry

David Thaxton

Johnathan Thurston

Henry Trage

Carter Williams



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